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Web Development

A website is an extension of your business, and we understand that having one that captures your clients attention is what drives your web presence. Let us help you develop a website that both you and your clients will love!

Our Promise

As one of our clients, we promise to provide you with ongoing support. Unlike the big companies, we wont abandon you once we complete your website - we will strive to provide a service that you will be proud to have used and continue using!

We Deliver

A website should always be designed and developed within a timely manner. We strive to have your website up and running as fast as possible - without cutting corners! We want to make sure that your website is available for the public without delay!

Little more about US

Our OfficeDe Silva Designs is a personal project of mine to ensure that no one on the web gets ripped off. We pride ourselves on providing cost effective websites that are responsive and elegant for both personal and business websites - whether it's eCommerce, Wordpress, Joomla, ZenCart, Portfolios or Business sites. We collaborate with many other web developers from around the world in order to get the best possible outcome for your website and am constantly looking at new ways of improving existing websites.


Know Who You Work With

Asitha de Silva { Web Developer }

As our lead developer, I have developed many websites from text based MMORPGs, to beautiful web portfolios. Nothing is impossible when it comes to web development if I'm involved!

Ariana Faustini { Marketing Specialist }

Ariana provides digital and strategic marketing services including SEO/SEM, email marketing, social marketing, ecommerce and go-to-market strategies, also specializing in UI/UX for web and mobile.

Adib Behjat { Web Consultant }

Developing websites requires prespective from all angles, which is where Adib comes in. Having developed multiple websites himself, he assists De Silva Design and its clients in any way possible!

Sahar Shahnematollahi{ Human Resources }

Sahar ensures that everyone who works for De Silva Designs is nothing below amazing. Her connections allows her to gather resources from every corner of the world!

Our Testimonials

  • I was skeptical about taking over a web project for Asitha after his client approached me and asked me to correct a permalinks issue. Asitha had developed a flawless Wordpress site for his client and had advised the client that his permalinks were not working due to his choice of web host due to their limitations. I called Asitha assuming I would receive little to no help or information about the site being a distant competitor and knowing from experience how incredibly busy a developer is, knowing first hand as a developer myself. Contractually Asitha had no obligation to help me, not to mention that when a client switches developers it can really be a hard slap in the face in lieu of all the hours put into the project. I believe Asitha helped me simply because he wanted to help his client in any way he could to finish the project. When all was said and done, Asitha has been correct all along. The permalinks were due to the limitations of the server of the web host the client was using. Asitha answered all of my emails promptly and took my telephone calls. His attitude and his work ethic are admirable and set a fine example for other developers. I would work with Asitha any day of the week. I cannot thank him enough for his hard work, devotion and generosity. Thank you Asitha.

    J. Edward Cardoza, Cardoza International

Our Clients

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Our Portfolio

Don't just take our word for the work we do - visit some of the websites we've developed for. Many of these sites are ongoing clients who we do maintenance for and some were one off, but our commitment to designing a website to the customers satisfaction will be proven on both accounts; just visit some of their sites to see our work.  

Our Remarkable Services

Here at De Silva Designs, we pride ourselves on the world class service we provide. Whether you are located in the United States, or overseas, we ensure that all jobs are deliviered in a timely manner and to our best capabilities. We can assist you from buying and setting up your hosting, to developing and deploying your website for the masses. 
Web Design

Web Development

We provide web development services for both personal and busienss websites. We are experts in various web applications including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. If we have not worked on it before, you can bet on us to be experts on it within little to no time.

Web Design


We handle various e-Commerce solutions such as ZenCart, Shopify, Drupal, Wordpress Plugins to work with various payment gateways such as PayPal and We have customized many sites to use e-Commerce tools to help you maximize your profits including ad placements.

Web Design

Web Marketing

If you have found us, you have obviously seen one of the tactics we use for marketing our website. Along with this, we provide on-going support for SEO and advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising to get your website the traffic it needs.

Web Design

Responsive Layouts

Here at De Silva Designs, we understand that we live in a mobile era. From tablets to smart phones, we know that having a website that works well with these devices would do wonders for you - that is why we always recommend using responsive layouts!

Web Design

Social Networking

With millions and millions of internet users now on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, it is now easier than ever to connect with your users - integrating these to your website is a must and we will help you every step of the way!

Web Design

Delivery of Service

We try our best to deliver you a website that you will love within a timely manner. We never try to skip corners and will always ensure the integrity of our websites. Not only will we do that, we will also train you on how to use and update your website!


Service Packages


Basic Package

Depending on how complex your website is, costing can vary. The prices below give you an outline or rough draft on what it would normally cost to build your website, however do not hessitate to contact us regardless and let us know what you need - if it's much more simple, we'll definitely be able to lower the price.

Package Details Basic Package Premium Package
Content Management System (CMS)
Professional Website Design
Media Gallery/Portfolio
Site Search Function
Contact Form
Custom Contact Form
Real Time Statistics
Social Network Integration
Pages Up to FIVE Up to TEN
Storage Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Maintenance & Updates / per month Up to SIX hours Up to TEN hours
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